The Solidarity Fund


Quarantined nurses often have psychological difficulties such as “guilt” towards colleagues, friends and relatives for fear of spreading the virus. The stress effect has physical, intellectual and moral consequences at work and often makes them live away from home to avoid infection.

Type of beneficiaryType of expenditureAmount
Nurses in quarantine, even voluntary, forced to leave their homes

Quarantine Nurses (
employees only)
Rent different from your usual home

Lump sum compensation

75,00 €/day per lump sum for a maximum of 30 days

25,00 €/day for a maximum of 30 days

After leaving the intensive care unit you have less strength and resistance to work, greater fear of the virus and therefore greater search for protection, and over time physical and psychological problems that risk not passing if not immediately identified.

Type of beneficiaryType of expenditureAmount
Sick Nurses Case COVID-19
Costs after discharge or negative swab after infection without hospitalization for medical treatment, rehabilitation, psychological support (within 6 months after discharge or negative swab) Max 10.000 €
Sick Nurses COVID-19
Damage caused by inability to work100.00 €/day for each day of hospitalization and subsequent rehabilitation period (max 30 working days after discharge from hospital or last negative buffer and in any case up to a maximum of 50 days)

Nurses in need of psychological support following service in COVID wardsPsychological support expensesMax 2.000 €

In case of death the problem is the necessary support to the family, especially if the nurse had a different one from the original one, maybe even with children. This from the economic point of view and psychosocial support to mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children, companions.

Type of beneficiaryAmount
Spouse or civil cohabiting partner or wife-bearer of the deceased without children20,000 euros per lump sum
Spouse or civil cohabiting partner or wife-bearer of the deceased with children20,000 euros per lump sum + 5000 euros per lump sum for each child (within 26 years of age)
Children in the absence of a spouse or civil cohabiting partner or a wife-bearing spouse (even if the parent was divorced or widowed)20,000 euros per lump sum + 5000 euros per lump sum for each child under 26 years of age
Parents of the deceased in the absence of a spouse or civil cohabitant or a married couple (even if the deceased was divorced or widowed) and in the absence of children.20,000 euros per lump sum


All the necessary documentation to the Federation exclusively through PEC at:
federazione@cert.fnopi.itSi specifies that the Federation’s PEC box
also receives messages from ordinary mailboxes (gmail, hotmail, free, etc.).
It is not allowed to use other people’s mailboxes (friends, relatives, professionals)
to forward your personal application form.

MODULISTICS (links to application models on FNOPI institutional portal)

Cases of particular severity that do not fall within the identified clusters
Nurses and/or their family members may also apply for the benefit in particularly serious or exceptional documented cases not expressly provided for in the above mentioned clusters. The benefit will be granted in this case, after evaluation by the Central Committee of the Federation, on the proposal of the Project Manager.
The lack of enrolment in the provincial register of nursing professions of the Province of residence, domicile or professional domicile, by the applicant, unless the beneficiary is a retired nurse, already registered in the provincial register, and returned to service due to the COVID-19 emergency,
or unless the applicant is a family member of a deceased nurse, implies the automatic rejection of the application for a contribution

Cause of payment: Fondo di Solidarietà NOI CON GLI INFERMIERI

For information and assistance write to or call the number 349/8201173 active from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.


The entire amount of the donations will go to the nurses and their families.

All project management costs, in fact, will be solely and exclusively charged to the FNOPI.
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