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The National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders (until 15 February 2018 of the Ipasvi Colleges) is a non-economic public law body, which acts as a subsidiary body of the State, established by Law no. 1049 of 29 October 1954, and regulated by Legislative Decree no. 233 of 13 September 1946 and subsequent Presidential Decree no. 221 of 5 April 1950, as amended by Law no. 3 of 11/1/2018.

The Federation, at national level:

  1. has the representation of the nursing profession in the interest of members and citizens who benefit from the skills that membership of an Order itself certifies;
  2. protects at national level the public interests, guaranteed by the law, related to the professional practice;
  3. coordinates and promotes the activities of the respective Provincial Orders.

The Federation’s supervisory body is the Ministry of Health.

In order to exercise his activity, in any legal form, the nurse has the obligation to be registered in the competent Register held by the Provincial Orders.

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The #nocongliinfermieri collection: fundraising to set up a solidarity fund

Why #We With The Nurses #

As we all know by now, the nurses in the COVID-19 pandemic have played, and are still playing, a fundamental role that has brought their level of professionalism, but above all their level of humanity and closeness to the citizens before everyone’s eyes.

None of them is backing down from helping and assisting people in their time of need, even at the risk of their own health and in some cases their lives.

Health Risks

To date, in fact, the number of nurses with positive results now exceeds 18,000 (among health workers who tested positive at COVID-19, nurses are over 52%) and, unfortunately, deaths have increased exponentially with the worsening of the crisis.

These numbers are very high, considering the almost 180,000 nurses directly involved, albeit in different forms, in the battle against this pandemic.

Fatigue, stress, social isolation

It should also not be overlooked that, in addition to the risks to their health, nurses are well aware of the social isolation they face, inevitably having to detach themselves from their affections for a time that cannot be determined in advance in order not to spread the virus.

And yet, for all of them, the primary and declared objective is to return to service.so that they can once again give their indispensable support to the cause.

Support that is substantiated, as now all public opinion has been able to verify, in massacring shifts and emotional stress that involve inevitable repercussions on the psychophysical sphere of the operators (from vascular diseases to those of the gastroenteric apparatus up to the burnout syndrome with extreme depressive forms that can even lead to suicide, as unfortunately happened recently).

A situation at the limit of tolerability that is now generalized and that risks causing negative consequences also on those who need all the professionalism and attention that each health professional must guarantee: the patients.

The serious material discomforts

This is combined with all the material discomforts for those who have to leave their home to go to work away from their residence in order to respond to emergencies due to the shortage of personnel in the areas most affected by COVID-19, i.e. those who fall ill and need isolation in a place other than their family home.

Finally, we cannot forget the now unfortunately more and more numerous families of nurses who have died due to Coronavirus infection in the performance of their duties.

Families who, in addition to having to face the tragedy of the loss of a husband or wife, a father or mother, a son or daughter, risk finding themselves in situations of serious financial difficulty due to the sudden disappearance of the one who contributed significantly to family subsistence.

Cause of payment: Fondo di Solidarietà NOI CON GLI INFERMIERI

For information and assistance write to dona@fnopi.it or call the number 349/8201173 active from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.


The entire amount of the donations will go to the nurses and their families.

All project management costs, in fact, will be solely and exclusively charged to the FNOPI.
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